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 case studies case study and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.


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case studies case study and need the explanation and answer to help me learn. READ CASE ENTITLED" SUNFLOWER INCORPORATED IN CHAPTER 9 OF YOUR TEXT. COMPLETE A CASE ANALYSIS FOLLOWING THE CASE ANALYSIS GUIDELINES DISCUSSED IN CLASS. WHEN YOU HAVE COMPLETED YOUR CASE LOCATED PAGE 254 INSTRUCTIONS FOR PREPARING THE CASE Please use the case analysis study guide to prepare your case. The written case is to be crafted and prepared by you in your own words. It is expected that the content of your written case will reflect your thoughts and analysis, based on what you learn from the textbook and other academic sources. The written portion of the case will be limited to a complete APA 3-page document summarizing the Problem/Issue, Analysis/Evaluation and Recommendations to address the strategic issues in the case. Also, do use a title page and a references page, which will make these APA written case 5 pages in length - total. The purpose of the written case assignments in our course is to help you become proficient in analysis-based decision making. The case is your detailed, specific action plan to address such issues. Each recommendation should be supported by facts disclosed by your analysis of the case. You are required to use a minimum of two academic references beyond the scope of your textbook to support your points. Read the case assigned carefully. Use the case analysis guide by following the required steps outlined in it. Respond to the questions listed below at the end of the case. located page 254 Submit your case analysis in a MS Word or PDF file. GRADING CRITERIA Research (15%) Case questions (20%) Analysis (15%) Recommendations (30%) References (10%) Language, grammar, spelling (10%) Requirements: as specified

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