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Question 1 (1 point)
What city does Gogol's

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Question 1 (1 point) What city does Gogol's "The Overcoat" take place in ? Question 1 options: Moscow Ukraine Russia St. Petersburg Question 2 (1 point) In Gogol's "The Overcoat," who is Akakiy Akakievitch named after? Question 2 options: his grandfather it was a name picked from a calendar the Russian Czar his father Question 3 (1 point) As a "titular councillor" what does Akakiy Akakievitch do at work? Question 3 options: he copies documents he cleans the building he works in he signs important documents he interviews people Question 4 (1 point) True or False: Akakiy Akakievitch gets along very well with his co-workers at the beginning of the story. Question 4 options: True False Question 5 (1 point) Why does Akakiy Akakievitch go back a second time to ask Petrovitch the tailor to fix his old overcoat? Question 5 options: because he thinks he can convince Petrovitch because Akakiy flirts with Petrovitch's wife because Petrovitch might be nicer when he's been drinking because Petrovitch often changes his mind Question 6 (1 point) How much does Akakiy Akakievitch agree to pay Petrovitch for a new overcoat? Question 6 options: 2 rubles 80 rubles 40 rubles 150 rubles Question 7 (1 point) How do other people react to Akakiy Akakievitch's new overcoat? Select all that apply. Question 7 options: his co-workers love it and invite him to a party the tailor follows him in the street just to see how nice it looks people throw garbage at it it gets stolen in the street Question 8 (1 point) To whom does Akakiy Akakievitch go to ask for help getting his overcoat back? Select all that apply. Question 8 options: a "prominent personage" the district chief of police the Russian Czar the night watchman Question 9 (1 point) How does the "prominent personage" treat Akakiy Akakievitch? Question 9 options: he helps Akakiy find his coat he gives Akakiy his own overcoat because he feels sorry for him he yells at Akakiy for being presumptuous he starts interrogating Akakiy about why he was out on the street Question 10 (1 point) What happens to Akakiy at the end of the story? Question 10 options: he finds his coat and goes back to his normal life he is murdered trying to steal his coat back he dies and haunts the city as a ghost he dies and no one remembers him Question 11 (1 point) In Jhumpa Lahiri's "Gogol," which country are Ashoke and Ashima from (before they start a family in a new country)? Question 11 options: England Pakistan the United States India Question 12 (1 point) What happened to Ashoke as a young man that changed his life? Question 12 options: he was in a terrible train accident he fell in love with Ashima and they ran away together he murdered someone he failed out of school Question 13 (1 point) Why does Ashoke believe that the Russian author Gogol saved his life? Question 13 options: the book inspired him to stay alive the book caused Ashima to fall in love with him the book inspired him to have a family his rescuers saw him holding a piece of paper from a Gogol book Question 14 (1 point) What name do Ashoke and Ashima put on their baby's birth certificate? Question 14 options: Baby Boy Ganguli Nikhil Sonali Gogol Question 15 (1 point) True or False: When he goes to kindergarten, Gogol decides to keep using the pet name Gogol instead of his "good" name Nikhil. Question 15 options: True False Question 16 (1 point) True or False: When Gogol is a teenager, he regrets the decision he made in kindergarten. Question 16 options: True False Question 17 (1 point) What does Ashoke buy Gogol for his 14th birthday? Question 17 options: Gogol's "The Overcoat" sketchbooks and pencils the Hobbit a Beatles album Question 18 (1 point) How does Gogol feel after changing his name before going to college? Question 18 options: he feels terrible and misses his old name he feels divided, like he lives two different lives it was completely the best decision he ever made he doesn't notice a difference at all Question 19 (1 point) When does Ashoke tell Gogol about the traumautic thing that happened to him as a young man? Question 19 options: when Gogol turns 14 when Gogol is a small boy when Gogol comes home for a visit from college before Gogol changes his name Question 20 (1 point) Which emotion best describes how Gogol feels after hearing his father's story? Question 20 options: guilt extreme anger happiness relief

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